Take a chance and dance!


Uptown Lodown

Live music, Count Basie, hot feet, cool parquet- continuing the tradition of lofty Saturday dances, we’ll dance way up high at Nou Tango. Two rooms, hot swing on the main floor and more swinging variety in the backroom. If you need a break from moving it on the floor, kick back in salon seats and enjoy the show- or the night lights of the city!

21:00 Social dancing with DJ

22:00 Live music every week with Nou’s beautiful old piano and other fine jazz implements.

Party entry 7-10€

Location: Nou Tango, Chausseestr 102
U6 Naturkundemuseum

Selected Saturdays (and the occasional Sunday)- see the bottom of this page for an event schedule- or check our facebook page at facebook.com/berlinhop.

With classes immediately before the dance- check for details on facebook at the above link. As for class registration- bring a partner if you can, but we can take single dancers as well. Feel free to drop in, but if you’re planning to come, PLEASE send an email to berlinhop@gmail.com so we can keep things balanced.