Learn to swing! If you’re not sure what level to join or can’t find the class you want, just send us an email and ask! Grayed-out classes are CLOSED for enrollment- email us first if you’d like to take part.

Very important: you can come alone OR with a partner!

Classes cost a standard fee of 60€ for six classes (50€ reduced for students and unemployed). It’s also usually possible to join currently running/single classes- a single class costs 13€.

WEDNESDAY (with Marcus)
(Location: Outdoors, Kreuzberg, near Reichenbergerstr/Kanal- the exact location will be communicated with your confirmation):
Solo Swing Dance for Complete Beginners (begins 3.6.)
Wednesdays 17:30-18:30

slightly more difficult Solo Swing Dance (begins 3.6.)
Wednesdays 18:45-19:45